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Click on  Join SWANA and complete the online registration form.

Upon joining SWANA, you are automatically enrolled in your local Chapter, based upon the state or providence provided on your application.   If you are located in Kentucky you will automatically be enrolled as a member of the Kentucky Bluegrass SWANA Chapter.

As a SWANA member, you will receive:

  • Information regarding local training opportunities, meetings, events and more
  • Discounts on all local SWANA Chapter Training Registration Fees
  • News regarding state legislative and regulatory items via Chapter-distributed newsletters (where available).

As a SWANA member, you will enjoy the option to:

  • List your company in SWANA’s Professional Services Directory
  • Enroll in SWANA's Applied Research Foundation (supports SWANA's mission of 'advancing the practice' by conducting collectively-funded research on pressing solid waste issues that are identified and selected by the Foundation's subscribers). SWANA members may enroll in SWANA’s Applied Research Foundation in one of four categories:
      • Waste Reduction, Recycling and Composting
      • Collection and Transfer
      • Waste-to-Energy
      • Landfill Disposal
  • Access the SWANA Career Center (to find and post job opportunities, as applicable)

For more information regarding the benefits of SWANA membership, visit SWANA online.

In addition to the benefits of joining SWANA (listed above), participation in the Kentucky Bluegrass SWANA Chapter will provide you opportunities to:

  • Get involved in your community
  • Network—gain friends and colleagues who will help you advance your career in the solid waste industry
  • Stay updated on the local regulation changes and technology advances
  • Access training opportunities

Kentucky Bluegrass SWANA holds an Annual Meeting and Training Conference each November.  All Kentucky Bluegrass SWANA members are invited to attend.  The date and location of the Annual Meeting and Training Conference will be announced on,  via a “Save the date” email to members, and on the Kentucky Bluegrass SWANA Facebook page.

The Kentucky Bluegrass SWANA State/Regional ROAD-E-O is held each spring (date TBA) in Lexington, Kentucky.  The date and location of the State/Regional ROAD-E-O will be announced on, and on the Kentucky Bluegrass SWANA Facebook page.

Additional training conferences and meetings will be on an as-needed basis.

For regular updates on Kentucky Bluegrass SWANA Chapter news, click here to “LIKE” us on Facebook.  You can also check our website for updates.

Cost of membership varies according to the size of your company and number of employees.  For more information,  click here.

The SWANA State/Regional Road-E-O is an annual competition designed to enhance employee morale, instill a competitive spirit, and set evaluation criteria for superior performance among the solid waste drivers and operators of companies across the state/region.  Categories include competitions for truck drivers, landfill equipment operators, and mechanics.

This competitive event measures a driver and/or landfill equipment operator’s skill behind the wheel and knowledge of the safety regulations and equipment used.  Drivers and operators are required to maneuver competition vehicles through a preset course; mechanics are tested in areas of troubleshooting and diagnostics.  All categories are judged for accuracy and time.

During the annual International ROAD-E-O, over 100 drivers, landfill equipment operators and mechanics who have earned first or second place honors at the State ROAD-E-O level gather in one location to set the standard for superior performance among the solid waste drivers and mechanics of companies across the United States.  During this exciting and highly competitive event, International ROAD-E-O participants contend for cash prizes, awards, trophies, and, for the “best of the best,” the title of “Top Gun.”

For more information, use our Contact Us page.